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Maisto bankas (en. Lithuanian Food Bank) is a charity and support fund that collects food aid and distributes it to organisations that care for the poor. Their mission is to work with food producers and traders to ensure that usable food is not thrown away but reaches the table of the poor.

“Until now, in order to collect the signatures of the employees of the divisions, it was sometimes necessary to use the services of couriers and parcels, so signing the document took several days. Now we can all sign a joint document in less than an hour.”

Simonas Gurevičius, CEO of Lithuanian Food Bank


The mission of Lithuanian Food Bank is to fight against food waste. By collecting food and passing it on to the ones that need it the most, they not only improve people’s daily lives but by saving CO2 emissions, water and reducing greenhouse gas emissions they also make a significant contribution to the environment. Although the direct work of Lithuanian Food Bank is to save food, they strive to make all processes as sustainable, environmentally friendly and use as few resources as possible.

One of the challenges is the large amount of paper used in the office, the number of documents that are constantly printed, scanned, copied and sent. And when the pandemic broke out and the team moved from work to home, signing documents by hand became a particular challenge.

The organisation is pleased to have found a Dokobit solution that has not only speeded up day-to-day processes but also saved paper resources.


Lithuanian Food Bank was looking for a system that would be easy for employees to use. The main criteria were easy implementation, simple and clear content and its management, and access to the system without any additional interventions in the organisation’s internal programs and systems.


Lithuanian Food Bank uses Dokobit to sign various agreements (with partners, volunteers, sponsors). Moreover, many employees of the organisation successfully use Dokobit portal to sign holiday requests, as well as to sign various internal orders and terms.

The implementation of Dokobit has speeded up administrative processes. Dokobit solution especially accelerated the work between Vilnius, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Klaipėda and Panevėžys divisions. Until now, in order to collect employees‘ signatures of the departments, it was sometimes necessary to use the services of couriers and parcels, so signing the document took several days. Now everyone can sign a single document in less than an hour.

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