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Signature count

A signature means a single signature of one person. If a document is signed by 2 people, that’s 2 signatures.

Signature usage

When sharing a document to collect signatures from others, document owner is paying for all the collected signatures. If your shared document is signed by 3 people in total, you will have used 3 signatures. This is applicable for paid plan users only.

Signature price

Dokobit works only with Qualified Electronic Signatures and Advanced Electronic Signatures based on qualified certificates. The price of each signature includes qualified timestamps and Trust Service Provider costs.

Signature validity

Dokobit ensures long-term preservation of electronic signatures on all the documents signed and stored in Dokobit portal. This is applicable for paid plan users only.

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API-based solutions

We have all the features your business needs with robust APIs and developer-friendly integration. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

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Dokobit for non-profits

We want to support people who are doing good things. That’s why we offer special discounts for non-profit organisations.

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API solution for authenticating users with various eID tools, supported in Europe.

  • All eIDs in one place
  • Fully customisable UI
  • Easy integration and maintenance
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API solution for signing, timestamping, validating documents, and ensuring long-term preservation of electronic signatures.

  • Variety of document formats
  • Fully customisable UI
  • Easy integration and maintenance
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API solution for sealing documents as a legal person to ensure their origin and integrity.

  • Ready to use
  • No up-front investments for HSMs
  • High service availability
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Compliance with rigorous security standards

At Dokobit, we take the security of data and adherence to regulations very seriously. We have been developing Dokobit with the highest security standards in mind.

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