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UAB Strėlė industrial – professional and reliable lifting cranes, crane service, and technical maintenance. For more than 20 years, in collaboration with the German crane component manufacturer ABUS Kransysteme GmbH, the company has been designing and manufacturing industrial cranes that meet the highest standards. Lifting systems are designed and manufactured using the most advanced technologies. The company provides efficient crane maintenance services in Lithuania and other Baltic countries.

“Using Dokobit’s e-signing solutions is convenient: a single document can have different access levels for colleagues – I can approve it, while others can view or sign the uploaded document. Also, it is very important that almost everyone, including government institutions, now accepts documents signed with an e-signature. So, there is no reason to use impractical, time-consuming manual solutions.”

Tomas Kavaliauskas, CEO


Strėlė Industrial, as many businesses in the Baltic states just five years ago, used to sign documents traditionally. They would print them, sign with a pen, scan them, and then send them via e-mail or registered mail, or courier services. But that wasn’t all – they had to wait for the signed document to return. This excessive manual work required too much time and other valuable resources.

After switching to e-signing, the company searched for a while for the most suitable e-signing solution provider in Lithuania. The main criteria were convenience, security, the ability to sign documents with foreign partners, and the efficiency of operations.


Before choosing a service provider, the company spent some time testing various e-signing solutions in the Baltic states. The decision was also influenced by the company’s IT partners, who have been successfully using Dokobit e-signing solutions for eight years.

Now, Strėlė Industrial uses Dokobit for signing various documents, from contracts and internal documents to VAT invoice approvals and more.


The organisation has noticed accelerated and simplified processes influenced by changes in the document signing area. Documents can now be signed from anywhere, using only a mobile phone, saving fuel by eliminating the need to travel to collect a signature. The company highlights that the most significant benefit is the saved time. Strėlė Industrial reports that since starting to use the Dokobit portal, the time for signing external documents has decreased from several days (or sometimes weeks) to just a few hours.

The company also emphasises that the Dokobit e-signing solution is convenient. Different colleagues can be assigned various access levels for a single document—some can approve, others can view or sign the uploaded document. It is also convenient that almost everyone, including government institutions, now accepts documents signed with an e-signature. Therefore, there is no reason to use impractical, time-consuming manual solutions.

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