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BL is a leading car dealership in Iceland, known for its extensive range of motorised vehicles and services. The company specialises in sales, repairs, and maintenance of cars, trucks, and other motorised vehicles. With a team of over 90 employees, BL handles a high volume of contracts and agreements, which require signatures. The nature of the business makes electronic signature integration a valuable addition to the company’s operations.

“The solution was particularly convenient for us, but it also came down to communications with the company. Dokobit has always been incredibly willing to help, both in the integration process and whenever we need help. The partnership has been especially pleasing – the whole process has been smooth and exemplary.”

Hrafnhildur Hauksdóttir, Quality Manager of BL


BL faced a significant challenge in managing the registration of new cars. The volume of contracts that needed to be completed daily resulted in a tedious and repetitive workflow for employees. They were required to manually input the same information across multiple forms and systems, leading to excessive time consumption and costs. In an effort to streamline the process and improve efficiency, BL sought out e-signing solutions.


When searching for a suitable e-signing solution, BL strongly emphasised simplicity and exceptional customer service. After evaluating various options, they ultimately chose to partner with Dokobit.

The solution met their needs perfectly, being easy to set up and providing an effortless user experience. The Dokobit team also impressed BL with their willingness to assist and provide troubleshooting support, as needed. The implementation of Dokobit has transformed BL’s registration process, streamlining repetitive tasks and replacing manual processes with efficient electronic workflows.


Integrating Dokobit’s e-signing has brought about significant benefits for BL, including increased efficiency and cost savings. The registration process for new cars has become streamlined and faster, allowing employees to redirect their attention to more pressing tasks.

Additionally, the adoption of electronic signatures has had a positive environmental impact. BL has eliminated all paper waste and pollution that comes from signing physical contracts. This has led to increased satisfaction among both employees and customers, as they have felt the positive effects of the new system.

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