Dokobit for teams

Boost your digital transformation with Dokobit’s features for teams. Smooth signing processes, neatly organised documents and intuitively easy management of data are the things your team, customers and partners will thank for.

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Smooth and organised document signing process

Forget about chasing your colleagues and partners for approvals or signatures on important documents. We’ve got what you need to create a completely organised signing cycle.


Add additional consents to the documents to make sure they are viewed and confirmed by the responsible person before signing.


Create a sequence of actions for every signing party to make sure the document signing process is well-rounded and in order.

Deadlines and reminders

Set deadlines and additional reminders to make sure other parties sign on time.

Easy and orderly document management

You’ll never again have to put up with your desk covered in papers. We have all the necessary tools for you to easily manage your documents online.

Document categories

Sort documents into categories for a more convenient and orderly experience.

Permissions based on categories

Manage user rights to edit, share or delete documents assigned to categories.

User roles

Apply different roles for users: they have to sign a document or can only view it.

All your company data at your fingertips

You won’t have to deal with the complex administrative tools — we understand that simplicity is the key to productivity and enjoyable user-experience.

Company data

Easily manage accounts of your team members and document access rights using centralised controls to make sure sensitive documents stay in the right hands.

Centralised billing

Reduce time spent on paying separate invoices. You can give each team member their own Dokobit account, and pay for everything with a single invoice.

Separate accounts

Use different accounts for company and private purposes in order to separate document ownership, intended usage and costs.

Match Dokobit to your needs

With branded UX and premium services it will feel just like home, for you, your customers and your partners.

Branded UX

Provide branded document signing experience for your customers and business partners.

Portal API

Integrate API for automating actions in document signing portal right into your information system.

On-boarding services

Get personal trainings on Dokobit portal usage and other help needed to start using the portal.

VIP support

Get all the support you may need throughout the entire Dokobit usage period.

Premium SLA

Get the highest services availability 24/7.

Form templates

Create custom fillable documents – your customers or partners will be able to easily fill and sign them right on Dokobit.