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It is built as an everyday service that is easy for developers to implement and maintain, for employees to use without friction and for external users to get the best possible experience.

Hundreds of companies across Europe chose to become more efficient with Dokobit.

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We translate the highest complexity and compliance standards into the most easy-to-use everyday service.

​Changes made easy

Constantly evolving e-signature technologies bring regulatory changes that often mean technological changes. With Dokobit you won’t have to worry about any of that. Leave that to us!

Developer-friendly integration

Our APIs are built so that your in-house development team or any integration service provider can easily integrate a chosen API into your information system.

No up-front investment

By choosing our API solutions, you won’t need any up-front investments for HSMs or other additional infrastructure on-premises and will be able to start using the solution right away.

We’ve got everything you need

Whether you’re developing a full-featured document management software, self-service portal or any kind of e-service, Dokobit has all the features you need with robust APIs and low integration cost. We’ve done all the hard work for you.

Simplifying cross-border e-services

Dokobit supports the variety of eIDs used in Europe, which gives you the opportunity to provide e-services across borders.

Supported countries

Dokobit supports Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Belgian, Icelandic, and Polish eID providers enabling e-services across borders, as well as Swiss and Spanish eID providers that allow signing documents all over Europe.

Supported solutions

Dokobit provides the ability to sign documents with these solutions: national ID cards, Mobile ID, Smart-ID, eParaksts mobile, Audkenni app, BankID, FTN, itsme, MitID, iDIN, Swisscom, Electronic IDentification, Estonian e-Residency. More solutions to follow. Learn more.


These integrators have a strong knowledge base of Dokobit’s e-signing infrastructure and can offer you development and integration services.