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Tele2 is one of Europe’s leading mobile network operators and one of the few examples worldwide where a company has risen from the lowest position to the top spot in its sector. Tele2 is used by over 2 million users today, mainly in Lithuania.

“For several years, we have been implementing sustainability solutions in the telecommunications sector to ensure that our operations are efficient and reduce environmental impact. Dokobit has helped us eliminate printing documents in the office, reducing paper and document archiving costs. Colleagues smile more often because there’s no longer a need to strain their fingers signing stacks of documents.”

Monika Čiūraitė, HR Partner at Tele2


Previously, Tele2 employees would manually sign various documents. Signed documents had to be printed, scanned, sent by registered mail or courier, and archived. This process was time-consuming and took up a significant amount of time.


Continuously striving to enhance digital processes, work more efficiently, and contribute to a more sustainable future, Tele2 has chosen Dokobit. A significant part of the Tele2 team has used this solution since the launch of the mobile signature service (now Mobile-ID).


Dokobit helps Tele2 employees save valuable time. Various documents, from authorisations to contracts and official letters, are signed through Dokobit in this organisation. The company emphasises that the solution is user-friendly and any functionality-related queries receive prompt and clear responses.

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