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ERGO is one of the leading insurance groups in the Baltic countries, offering non-life, life, and health insurance. A company’s mission is to facilitate insurance from the first to the last step, starting from automated and digitised processes, ending with sincere care and assistance from consultants in the event of an accident. It is a robust non-life insurance company with a solid market position in transport, property, civil liability, and other types of insurance, operating since 1991.

“The e-signing solution Dokobit enables efficient and fast signing, easy document management, and clear visibility of the entire process. It’s simple and beneficial to our clients and leaders in Lithuania and abroad. A unified and transparent solution speeds up all signing processes.”

Edvinas Ritvas, Head of Office Administration Department


While implementing ERGO‘s digitalisation plan, one of the challenges was related to document security and privacy. Previously, the company used free or similar solutions, which, while reliable, did not always meet ERGO’s high-security standards. It caused inconvenience for both employees and third parties.

However, one of the foremost challenges was using different signing tools. Each user had their own methods and e-signature tools, which caused confusion and threatened security and efficiency.


ERGO chose its e-signing solution from several reliable partners, and a few different factors influenced the decision: more precise data security in risk assessment, familiarity with service providers, and competitive pricing.

ERGO strives to create a reliable and secure e-signing environment that enables the organisation to work faster, more secure, and efficiently. The Dokobit is a step towards achieving an optimal workflow and maximising the benefits of e-signing.


Now, the insurance company ERGO signs documents quickly and efficiently. The company notices that managing documents is easier, and all signing parties see the signing process and status. ERGO managers in Lithuania and other Baltic countries notice an accelerated e-signing process, less redundant manual work, and additional time to focus on more important projects or tasks.

ERGO clients are happy with the user experience of the e-signing solution Dokobit. From now on, they can sign documents quickly and easily. In a rapidly digitising world, e-signing solutions have become a standard practice that companies find essential for their workflow.

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