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„Laisvalaikio Dovanos“ (Experience Gifts) is the first experience gift shop in Lithuania, operating since 2006. The store offers more than 2000 experiences: from kart racing to fighter aircraft flights, from chocolate fondue to driving a Ferrari or Lamborghini. The company has 9 stores in Lithuania and branches in five other countries.

“Since we started using Dokobit e-signing solutions, the document signing process has become more straightforward – we work more efficiently, save time and resources, and notice a significant decrease in paper consumption.”

Kornelija Varevičiūtė, Head of Administration


Laisvalakio dovanos is a store offering its customers experiences rather than objects. Therefore, the user experience of both clients and partners plays a significant role here.

Before using the Dokobit solutions, Laisvalakio dovanos faced a complex document signing process, complicated by requiring more than one signer. This caused additional disruptions, slowed the organisation’s activities, and posed a significant challenge in coordinating joint work.


Considering its needs and challenges, Laisvalaikio dovanos chose the Dokobit e-signing solution for its functionality, affordability, and the ability to sign documents not only for Lithuanian but also Latvian, Polish, Estonian, and Finnish citizens. Before choosing the solution, the company carried out thorough testing.


Using Dokobit solutions, Laisvalakios dovanos now signs internal company documents and contracts with partners internationally. The company is pleased with the simplified document signing process – now they work more efficiently and save time and financial resources. The company also notices that it operates more sustainably, consuming fewer sheets of paper.

Since starting using Dokobit solutions, the document signing process has become much simpler – colleagues can sign documents from anywhere, providing the organisation with greater flexibility and efficiency.

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