Get the most out of Dokobit

Explore all the features to find out how Dokobit portal can help your teams sign documents and collect signatures electronically.


Accountless signing P | B | E

Allow your customers, partners or other parties you share your documents with to sign or view them without logging in or signing up to Dokobit portal.

Address book and contact categories

Save contacts to an address book to easily find them next time you need to share a document.

Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures

Sign your documents with secure Advanced and Qualified Electronic Signatures using high-assurance eIDs that meet the strictest requirements set forth under the EU eIDAS regulation.

Advanced reporting and analytics E

Get custom reports on user activity, signed documents, and other statistics.

Approvals B | E

Add additional consents to the documents to make sure they are viewed and confirmed by the responsible person before signing.

Audit trail

See all actions performed by the users through a detailed list of events.

Automatic notifications

Get informed when your signature is needed or when other parties have signed the document.


Batch actions

Sign, delete or download all selected documents with just one click from a single location.

Branded user experience B | E

Provide branded document signing experience for your customers and business partners.


Centralised billing B | E

Reduce time spent on paying separate invoices, instead give each team member their own Dokobit account and pay for everything with a single invoice.


Discuss important topics and leave notes for other signing parties.



Set signing, sealing or approving deadlines to make sure other parties perform needed actions on your documents on time.

Document categories

Sort documents into categories for a more convenient and orderly experience.


Form templates B | E

Create custom fillable documents – your customers or partners will be able to easily fill them and sign them right on Dokobit.


Mobile app

Get all the awesome portal features on the go plus instant notifications about what’s going on with your documents right to your mobile phone.

Multilingual interface

Use Dokobit in English, Estonian, Icelandic, Latvian, Lithuanian or Norwegian.


On-boarding services E

Get personal trainings on Dokobit portal usage and other help needed to start using the portal.


Payment by invoice E

Use Dokobit services and pay by a received invoice at the end of the month.

Permissions based on document categories B | E

Manage user rights to edit, share or delete documents assigned to categories.

Portal API E

Integrate API for automating actions in document signing portal right into your information system.

Premium SLA E

Get guaranteed services availability 24/7.


Quick login

Login to Dokobit portal faster as the browser remembers your last login information, so all you need to do is to confirm your identity by entering a preferred eID’s PIN code, without typing personal information each time.

Qualified timestamps 

Secure your documents against forgery and backdating as all signing and sealing transactions in Dokobit portal include qualified timestamps.



Send additional reminders to people when their signature or approval is pending, with a click of a button.


Seal hosting E

Have your qualified e-seal certificate hosted in our secure HSM. This allows to provide an easy way to e-seal the documents for your users.


Instead of signing documents as a natural person, seal them as a legal person using an electronic seal.

Secure sharing

Only intended persons who authenticate with an eID matching that person can access documents.

Shared address book contacts B | E

Make contacts visible to all the users in your team.

Shared document categories B | E

Create shared document categories allowing your team mates to access all the documents within the category.

Signing with variety of eIDs

Sign documents with your preferred eID solution, whether it’s a national ID card, Mobile ID or other. See all supported eIDs.


Usage report B | E

Track usage statistics – the number of documents created, signatures used and times logged into the Dokobit portal – of your team members separately or combined.

User management B | E

Easily manage your team’s accounts and document access rights using centralised controls to make sure sensitive documents stay in the right hands.

User roles P | B | E

Apply different roles for users: they have to approve or sign a document, or can only view it.


Validation of signatures and seals

Check whether signatures or seals from other parties are valid and legally binding.

Variety of documents formats

Sign documents in whatever format you need — from PDF and ASiC-E container to the formats used in the Baltics (BDoc, EDoc and ADoc).

VIP support E

Get all the support you may need throughout the entire Dokobit usage period.


Workflows B | E

Create a sequence of actions for every signing party to make sure the document signing process is well-rounded and in order.