Signature Validation Service Practice Statement and Policy


v1.13; Valid from May 8, 2024


v1.13; (Lithuanian translation); Valid from May 8, 2024

Older versions

v1.12; 05.06.2023-07.05.2024

v1.12; (Lithuanian translation); 05.06.2023-07.05.2024

v1.11; 02.08.2021-04.06.2023

v1.11; (Lithuanian translation); 02.08.2021-04.06.2023

v1.10; 02.08.2021

v1.10 (Lithuanian translation); 02.08.2021

v1.9; 07.06.2021-01.08.2021

v1.9 (Lithuanian translation); 07.06.2021-01.08.2021

v1.7; 01.01.2020-06.06.2021

v1.7 (Lithuanian translation); 01.01.2020-06.06.2021

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