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Signing legally binding documents has never been so easy and secure. With Dokobit Office 365 add-in you can electronically sign documents right on Microsoft Word.

Fast and efficient

No more wasting time and money for printing, scanning and mailing. Sign documents in your favourite software in seconds.


No more jumping from app to app for every document — sign them directly on your everyday program, Microsoft Word. It can’t get any simpler!

Wide variety of eIDs

Sign documents with Lithuanian, Estonian and Icelandic Mobile ID or Smart-ID available in the Baltics. You won’t ever again need to search for that always-hard-to-find pen.

Available document formats

Don’t worry about your document format — sign directly in Microsoft Word and download your signed document converted to PDF or ASiC-E container.

Compliance with the highest standards

Dokobit meets the strict requirements under eIDAS regulation, enabling e-signatures to be equal to the handwritten ones and accepted in all the EU member states. Moreover, Dokobit uses the industry best practices and standards to keep your information safe.
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Dokobit Microsoft Word add-in beta

Use your chance to try out signing documents right on Microsoft Word for free. In the meantime, we are working hard on additional functionalities.
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