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our APIs

APIs that do it right

Dokobit offers robust RESTful APIs for document signing and sealing, signature validation and archiving, and user identification.

our portal api

Portal API

API for automating actions in document signing portal.

our gateway api

Gateway API

Full-featured web application for document signing and sealing.

our e-signing-api

Documents API

API for signing, archiving, timestamping and validating documents.

our e-identification-api

e-Identification API

API for authenticating users using Mobile ID, Smart-ID or eID and e-Residency cards.

our e-sealing-api

e-Sealing API

API for sealing documents as a legal person to ensure their origin and integrity.

our monitoring

TSP monitoring

Real-time overview of eID and Trust Service Providers.

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Automated testing numbers

Phone Personal Code Response
+37060000007 51001091072 Succcesful signing and identification
+37200000766 11412090004 Succcesful signing and identification
+37060000001 51001091006 Failure, Mobile ID is not activated


Do I need to re-register to sandbox after I renew my certificate?
Yes, you do.

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